Holiday Security – ‘Tis The Season

Holiday Security - 'Tis The Season

Holiday Security – ‘Tis The Season

Instances Of Crime Dramatically Increase During The Holiday Season

As the holiday season quickly approaches, many retail stores are preparing for an influx of customers. Along with this increase in shoppers comes an increase in criminal activity, as criminals take advantage of the busy atmosphere and lack of security. Many stores are stepping up their holiday security efforts with increased patrols and camera surveillance to combat this.

This year, the holiday season runs from Labor Day (September 5) to Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 16).

With Black Friday and other major shopping holidays right around the corner, retailers need to be aware of the potential risks and take steps to reduce them. By increasing security measures, stores can create a safer environment for employees and customers.

While decorations are a great way to create a welcoming atmosphere, they can also be harmful if not set up properly. It is vital to ensure that all decorations do not block any visible security points in the store or any entrances/exits/vulnerable areas that the property/store/site may have. This is important because potential criminals will assess the area and note vulnerable security systems. If these potential criminals act on this information, it could lead to theft or more suspicious activity on your premises–but this risk is easily avoidable with due diligence.

How to protect your business during the Holiday Season

The next step is creating a comprehensive security plan to ensure your holidays are protected. Though guards from a professional security company do receive training in many different areas, it’s important to provide them with specific site instructions. This includes a list of access points and exits for them to monitor and details about what to do in case of an incident. That way, everyone can be safely escorted off the property if necessary.

Many reports of incidents and casualties surface during the Black Friday shopping season, so to avoid any mass panic or issues, providing security insight and a safety plan that can be enacted during times of stress is vital for a smoothly functioning holiday shopping season. Crime inevitably increases during the holidays, so adjusting your store’s entrances, exits, lighting, physical security, and security systems are all crucial to having a successful and secure holiday season.


The last three methods for a safer and more secure holiday shopping season are:

1. Incorporate physical security into the store and property perimeters

2. Increase lighting in the parking area

3. Increased visibility of security guards


Whether hiring unarmed security guards to patrol busier areas during daytime hours or armed guards to patrol at night, increasing physical security creates an air of control and safety that all visitors, customers, representatives, etc., will appreciate.

As more shoppers flock to stores during the holiday season, it is important to remember that potential theft increases in crowded and poorly lit parking areas. Maintaining your parking lot may not seem like a security measure, but keeping it clean and well-lit will ensure that customers feel safe leaving their belongings while they shop.

The most important thing to remember when there are a lot of people around is that you need to be visible and safe. This means making sure the property is secure, there are security guards, and the security team is professional and well-trained. This will help lower the rates of crime, theft, and potential incidents this holiday season.


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